About Our Company

Since its creation in 1999, Asia Bolts Industries has always endeavored to innovate and help its clients perform better, by meeting their demand for quality, service, and competitiveness. Asia Bolts Industries LLC is one of the trusted names involved in manufacturing a variety of standard and special-grade fasteners. Asia Bolts manufactures a broad range of extremely reliable, precise, and accurate Stud Bolts, Anchor Bolts, U Bolts, Hex and Heavy hexagonal bolts, Pipe Clamps, Threaded Bars from Steel and Steel Alloys of different Grades raw material at various diameters. We also facilitate customers by our ready stock hex nuts, heavy hex nuts, jam nuts, washers, and in various grades, and these are available in different finish Black, electro galvanized, Yellow passivated, and hot-dip galvanized. Asia Bolts Industry is considered as one of the leading manufacturers in the UAE to supply Fasteners, special bolting for critical applications. Our company benefits from the dedication and combined strength of Technical & Commercial Staff. With the focused continuous improvements on the operational level and the reliable manufacturing performance, Asia Bolts aims to provide full support to the customers on the project levels.

Product Line

Alloy Steel Studs, "U" Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Hexagonal Head Bolts, Nuts and special Fastener Components Manufactured to the following standsards and also to the individual customer requirements.


Fastener Manufacturer in Dubai-UAE

Over 24 Years of Fastener Industry Experience